bulrush камыш озёрный, Scirpus lacustris
American great bulrush камыш большой, Scirpus validus
bog bulrush камыш остроконечный, Scirpus mucronatus
canby's bulrush камыш бесклубеньковый, Scirpus etuberculatus
leafy bulrush камыш многоцветковый, Scirpus polyphyllus
pale great bulrush камыш разнощетинковый, Scirpus heterochaetus
prairie bulrush камыш болотный, Scirpus paludosus
reddish bulrush камыш полосчатый, Scirpus lineatus
river bulrush камыш речной, Scirpus fluviatilis
salt marsh bulrush камыш мощный, Scirpus robustus
spreading bulrush камыш раскидистый, Scirpus divaricatus
tule bulrush камыш заострённый, Scirpus acutus
viscid great bulrush камыш западный, Scirpus occidentalis
wood bulrush камыш лесной, Scirpus silvaticus

English-Russian biology dictionary. 2015.

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  • Bulrush — or bullrush may refer to:Tall rush like wetland plants * Bulrush (in most modern usages of British English), Typha (reedmace or cattail) * Bulrush (in American English and older botanical usages in British English), one of several larger sedges,… …   Wikipedia

  • Bulrush — Bul rush (b[.u]l r[u^]sh ), n. [OE. bulrysche, bolroysche; of uncertain origin, perh. fr. bole stem + rush.] (Bot.) A kind of large rush, growing in wet land or in water. [1913 Webster] Note: The name bulrush is applied in England especially to… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • bulrush — [bool′rush΄] n. [ME bulryshe < bol, stem (see BOLE1) + rusche,RUSH2] 1. any of a number of marsh plants (genus Scirpus) of the sedge family, having slender, round or triangular, solid stems tipped with brown spikelets of minute flowers 2. Brit …   English World dictionary

  • bulrush — also bullrush, type of tall plant growing in or near water (in Biblical use, the Egyptian papyrus), mid 15c., bolroysche, from RUSH (Cf. rush) (n.); the signification of bull is doubtful …   Etymology dictionary

  • bulrush — (also bullrush) ► NOUN ▪ a reed mace or similar waterside plant. ORIGIN probably from BULL(Cf. ↑bull) in the sense «large, coarse» …   English terms dictionary

  • bulrush — /bool rush /, n. 1. (in Biblical use) the papyrus, Cyperus papyrus. 2. any of various rushes of the genera Scirpus and Typha. [1400 50; late ME bulrish papyrus, prob. BULL1 + rish RUSH2] * * * Any of the annual or perennial grasslike plants… …   Universalium

  • bulrush — UK [ˈbʊlˌrʌʃ] / US noun [countable] Word forms bulrush : singular bulrush plural bulrushes British a tall plant that grows near water, with long thin leaves and a dark brown flower that looks like a stick …   English dictionary

  • bulrush — cattail cat tail, Cat tail Cat tail(k[a^]t t[=a]l), n. (Bot.) A tall erect rush or flag ({Typha latifolia}) growing widely in fresh and salt marshes, with long, flat, sword shaped leaves, having clusters of small brown flowers in a dense… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • bulrush — švendras statusas T sritis vardynas apibrėžtis Švendrinių (Typhaceae) šeimos augalų gentis (Typha). atitikmenys: lot. Typha angl. bulrush; cat’s tail; reedmace vok. Rohrkolben rus. рогоз lenk. pałka …   Dekoratyvinių augalų vardynas

  • bulrush — also bullrush noun Etymology: Middle English bulrysche Date: 15th century any of several large rushes or sedges growing in wetlands: as a. any of a genus (Scirpus, especially S. lacustris) of annual or perennial sedges that bear solitary or much… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • bulrush — noun Any of several wetland herbs, of the genus Scirpus, having clusters of spikelets; Any similar plant, such as papyrus See Also: rush …   Wiktionary

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